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Christian Zionism in Germany (and Elsewhere)
Sunday, 05 January 2014

This website is dedicated to my PhD dissertation, which was accepted in March of 2007. Its full title is "Christian Zionism among Evangelicals in the Federal Republic of Germany". I have set up this website mainly for two reasons:

(1) so that you can download the complete text of this thesis - for free!

(2) to have a platform for questions, comments, and discussion (QCD) related to my thesis, as well as to Christian Zionism in general.

I have chosen this route, rather than an academic publisher, because I think the content is important. It should not be hidden in an expensive academic book, to be read by scholars and experts only, but should be easily available to a much broader audience.

In my opinion, the thesis is not overly technical or complicated, although it is of course not light reading either. The central chapters largely focus on the movement in Germany, but they may still be helpful to understand the movement even if you are not interested in Germany. The concluding chapters (6 and 7) deal with Christian Zionism in general, and can be read independently.

You can download the complete text of the thesis, and pick and choose what you want to read. Or you can first have a look at the Abstract and the Table of Content.

If reading a thesis sounds too daunting, have a look at these articles.


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